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About the company

Milanote is a visual workspace for creative thinking. It's used by designers, writers, marketers and other creative professionals from companies like Facebook, Apple, Uber, Dropbox, Google, Adobe, Sony, Nike etc.

We launched on Feb 7 and reached #1 on Product Hunt, the front page of Hacker News, and #1 on Designer News—check the threads on each to see the great response. Milanote has also been written up on The Next Web, Lifehacker etc.

We’ve just closed a round of investor funding (announced on TechCrunch) and now we’re looking to kick off the next stage of growth by hiring our first full time marketer.

About the role

We’ve had over 30,000 signups in our first month (mainly through press generated by our launch). Now we’re looking for sustainable, repeatable ways to acquire customers for the long term. To develop this fundamental part of our business we need someone strong in both strategy and tactics.

1. Customer acquisition and growth (number 1 priority)

We have a good idea who our audience is and why they are using Milanote. We need someone to hit the ground running with the hands-on skills to bring more people to our product using appropriate channels/campaigns (SEO, Social, Paid, Content marketing, Retargeting, etc.)

We expect plenty of experimentation, but always with sound analytics behind it. This is very important to us - you must demonstrate to us your experience using data to drive decisions.

Over time we expect channels and tactics to become clearer, and you'll know our key driving numbers intimately - conversion, CAC, LTV, churn - these are yours to own across the funnel.

2. Long-term brand building

Because of the nature of our audience and product, this role offers a great opportunity for you to build a very special brand from the ground up.

A brand that celebrates creative people in the same way Nike celebrates athletes - that's the scale we're aspiring to. People are already using Milanote to write novels, create beautiful designs and plan amazing creative projects—our customers are our heroes and we want to share their stories with the world.

Working closely with our CEO we expect you to be helping us develop our story and long-term assets to fulfil this vision alongside the day-to-day acquisition program. Expect to have long lunches talking about brand positioning, our story, and where we will take things into the future.

3. Scaling the operation

As our company grows there will be an opportunity for you to build out the marketing department into a cross-functional team with people focused on different parts of the program. This will require carefully documenting the marketing framework we use and our processes.

We value collaboration and expect the marketing team will always be working extremely closely our product design and engineering team, and our customer success and support team to deliver a great brand experience at every touchpoint - no matter how big we grow.

About our workplace


This is a special role for a special person.


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